Introducing Tommy Pistol: Adult Time’s Newest Brand Ambassador

We’re excited to announce that Tommy Pistol has been appointed as the newest Ambassador for Adult Time, representing our streaming platform in various capacities as a performer, writer, and director.

With over 313 showcase titles on Adult Time, Tommy brings a wealth of experience and talent to our team. He will be leading upcoming production and marketing initiatives, collaborating closely with Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer, Bree Mills, and playing pivotal roles in Adult Time series, affiliate programs, and promotional campaigns.

In Tommy’s own words, “I wanna first thank Adult Time Chief Creative Officer Bree Mills and the many others that came to the agreement to make me an Ambassador. Being a performer with a year shy of two decades working in the Industry, I don’t think I can say enough or express the gratitude I have for this opportunity.”

Reflecting on his journey with Adult Time, Tommy shared, “When I first started working for Adult Time, I quickly realized something different was happening. Bree Mills was insisting that Adult Performers be given the chance to actually act/improv in a way I know I haven’t been offered before. The emotional place I got to take some characters was very interesting for me, and the change I didn’t realize I personally needed to better my talents. I love being a clown. It has gotten me very far. But I always knew I had more in me. The Adult Time scenarios gave me the opportunity to really create characters in a way you wouldn’t normally see in adult movies… something I personally always felt was missing.”

“Like every studio I work for, I appreciate the work I’m given, and I’ll always give them the best performance I have in me. Adult Time has been very generous in building my career, and It’s nice to know all that hard work has been noticed and appreciated. Being an Ambassador is a new chapter in my career and I’m excited to see what happens next.”

Bree Mills expressed her excitement about working with Tommy, stating, “I can’t say enough good things about Tommy. Having him be part of our ambassador team was an absolute no brainer! Can’t wait to do more great things with him in the future and help amplify some of his creative ideas!”

As Tommy embarks on this new chapter in his career as an Ambassador for Adult Time, we look forward to witnessing the innovative projects and collaborations that lie ahead. Visit Tommy Pistol’s official Model Page on Adult Time and connect with him on X at @tommypistol to learn more about our esteemed Brand Ambassador.

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