How To Use Hiding Filters With Trans Content

Adult Time has an advanced filtering system that allows you to hide content you don’t want to see. In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to use hide filters with trans content, so you’re only shown trans content you want to see.

First, open the preferences center by clicking on the sex symbols beside the Adult Time logo, or clicking on “Preferences” in the left menu or in your avatar profile menu on the top right.

On mobile, the “Preferences” button is at the top of the video listing page. There’s another “Preferences” button in the “More” menu and another one in your avatar profile menu.

In the preferences center, you can hide sexual preferences, categories, channels and actors.

To hide trans content you don’t want to see, add any of the following categories in the “Hidden Categories” section:

  • Trans Fucks Trans
  • Trans Fucks Male
  • Trans Fucks Female
  • Male Fucks Trans
  • Female Fucks Trans

Close the popup window and that’s it!

Your preferences will be saved permanently and will be carried through to new sessions or other devices.

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Harry T
Harry T
13 days ago

The tattoo tag for example should be applied way more. If I try to filter out tattoos, most of the results have performers with more or less tattoos anyway.

Last edited 13 days ago by Harry T