Introducing the New “Free-Use” Category

At Adult Time, we believe in constantly evolving to meet the desires of our members. Utilizing data insights, we strive to innovate and deliver the content you crave. That’s why we’re excited to announce the addition of a new category tag in the Adult Time members area: “Free-Use”!

What’s “Free-Use” sex? For those who may not be familiar with this increasingly popular category, Free-Use porn explores the exciting and taboo concept of having sex anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, if they’re busy, if it’s convenient, or who might be watching, resulting in wild, yet fully consensual encounters. It’s a new level of audacious multitasking as characters seamlessly engage in everyday activities like cooking, cleaning, and working, all while fucking! It’s a unique blend of multitasking and unabashed pleasure.

As the popularity of Free-Use themes continues to rise in adult entertainment, we couldn’t ignore the growing demand. Our observations showed a significant increase in searches for the Free-Use keyword throughout 2023. Recognizing this trend, we decided to create the Free-Use tag.

Now, you can effortlessly explore our back catalog of Free-Use scenes, all conveniently tagged for your pleasure. But that’s not all – we’re taking it a step further. In 2024, we’re committed to producing even more Free-Use content. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with our future releases as we bring you thrilling Free-Use content to fulfill your fantasies!

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve and cater to your desires. The addition of this new category is a direct result of your viewing and searching patterns. We hope you enjoy the new tag and continue to join us as we push boundaries and deliver the best in adult entertainment.

So go ahead, indulge in the uninhibited pleasure of our new “Free-Use” category, and let your fantasies run wild!

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