Free Use Industries – An Adult Time Pilot

Free Use Industries explores twisted, but grounded interpretations of the Free Use porn theme – of getting to be intimate with someone anytime, anywhere! These are stories of improper public encounters orchestrated by a secret company for the realization of wishes.

3 episodes covering different sexual preferences are now available on Adult Time:Β 

Straight – Executive Decisions – Seth Gamble, Keira Croft. Cameo: Juanito Blanco, Biish Bullard, Sheryl Ho

Lesbian – Time Of Need – Kira Noir, Bella Rolland. Cameo: Keira Croft, Sheryl Ho, Jessie Lee, Biish Bullard

Trans – Expose-Her Therapy – Jade Venus, Charlotte Sins. Cameo: Sheryl Ho, Keira Croft

What would be your dream come true? Tell us in the comments section below!

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2 days ago

Now I’m seeing another problem in the Site Archive. The items at the bottom of page 221 were released 2017/05/06. When I navigate to page 222, suddenly it’s in 2020. I can navigate using the > on the right. I can click the 222 in the list of page numbers. I can enter 222 into the entry field. It doesn’t matter. The real page 222 is replaced by some bogus page of content from 3 years more recent. Page 223 appears to be a mistake as well, being more content from 2020. But page 224 looks like it has gotten back to 2017, starting with what was released on 2017/04/18. So there’s a discontinuity in the Site Archive covering about 2 & 1/2 weeks between May 6 & April 18, 2017. The techs need to look into this. Is anybody listening?

Of course, as soon as I posted that, the problem went away. Never mind, I suppose.

And a later update. I think I’ve figured out what’s going on. It’s as if the size of the archive keeps changing under my feet. I was sequentially going through pages 220, 221, 222, etc. I noticed this anomaly. When I saw the dates jumping back from 2017 to 2020, I thought maybe 2017 is now further back in the archive than what it was originally showing me around page 220. Sure enough, the pages I thought I would see near page 220 are now located around page 265 or so. So there is a problem but it’s really slippery. The archive does change in size, but that should be once a day around 1:00 AM when the new releases are posted. That would increase the size of the archive by about 12 items, give or take on any given night. But a shift of 45 pages is a size change of 2700 (45×60) scenes dated after about April 2017. There is something wrong happening that needs to be investigated.

Wait. It occurs to me that you might be adding the back catalog of some partner site. But I have been seeing April 2017 swapping back & forth between around page 220 & around page 265 for the past couple of hours. Are you adding a big chunk of scenes, then removing them, then adding them again? It’s really disconcerting out here in user land. Maybe a notice under the little bell would be a nice thing to do.

Last edited 2 days ago by GrandadWW
3 days ago

i would like to see some step-family roles in future episodes like stepdad and step daughter encounters

3 days ago

I am going through the archive & I am noticing there are many scenes that are not listed. By archive, I mean 2 things. First, start on the Girlsway channel page. At the top where it says Latest Videos, click the View All button. Let’s call that the Girlsway Archive. For the other archive, start on any page of Adult Time & click the Videos button in the panel on the left. Let’s call that the Site Archive. In the Girlsway Archive, go to page 17. In the Site Archive, go to page 61. Of course, these page numbers will drift as more content is released. So let’s localize the focus to a date. I’m talking about July 2017. These scenes are not listed in either archive:

2017/07/27: ProtΓ©gΓ©e
2017/07/23: Call Me My Sister’s Name
2017/07/22: Sharing the Wet
2017/07/20: Dirty Britches
2017/07/18: Catfished
2017/07/16: Sexting the Teacher: Part 2
2017/07/15: The Panty Trap
2017/07/14: The Shy Roommate
2017/07/10: Girlsway’s Newest Editor
2017/07/09: Three Little Sisters
2017/07/08: The Birlfriend
2017/07/07: The Rivalry
2017/07/06: Dream Pairings: The Stalker
2017/07/03: Sexting the Teacher: Part 1
2017/07/03: Interview: GOTM – Georgia Jones
2017/07/02: Art of Foreplay: Tongue Tutorial
2017/07/01: Growing Closer

Straying for a moment into June, this scene is not listed in either archive:

2017/06/26: Kristen Scott’s Skip Day 3: My BF & My GF

It’s not that the scenes have disappeared from the site. If you do a specific search on the scene titles, the scenes show up. But an archive is supposed to be a complete listing of everything. In the case of the Girlsway Archive. it’s supposed to list everything ever released on Girlsway. In the case of the Site Archive, it’s supposed to list everything, period. The omissions I’ve listed make me question the validity of any of the archives. I don’t know everything about every scene ever released. This just happens to be a section that I noticed. How much else is missing?

This post is completely irrelevant to the topic of this thread. But I have no other choice. We no longer have our Forum. It is no longer possible for anyone to launch a new thread on demand. It is no longer possible to get notifications when someone from the company posts a response to a question. We have to wait some untold delay while some moderator gets around to approving a post. Then there’s a further untold delay until somebody who could actually address the issue in fact addresses the issue. I have posted here before & found that my post had not appeared a week later. It was only after I complained that my post was still in limbo that it finally got approved. If you believe this blog is an acceptable replacement for what we used to have with our Forum, you are wrong. Sadly, I appear to be alone with this opinion. So I will have to deal with archives that aren’t archives & hope that eventually, somebody will look at this & do something about it.

Oops. Let me amend that. The relevant pages in the Site Archive are actually 213-215. The scenes I list above are in the Site Archive. But they are missing from the Girlsway Archive. So I was only half wrong. There is still an issue though.

Last edited 3 days ago by GrandadWW