Enhancing Respect and Professionalism: Adult Time’s New Consent Meeting Tutorial Video and Guide for Creators

We’re excited to introduce our latest resource aimed at promoting professionalism and respect on set: the Consent Meeting Tutorial Video and Guide. Developed in collaboration with our team of Ambassadors, this tool provides producers and creators with a comprehensive framework for conducting consent meetings that prioritize clear communication, boundaries, and informed consent.

The tutorial covers key aspects such as establishing the production details, setting scene expectations, defining boundaries, discussing aftercare preferences, and reiterating our commitment to consent throughout the process. We believe that open communication and mutual respect are essential for maintaining a safe and inclusive environment in the industry.

“We wanted to create a guide to help train future producing teams who work with Adult Time and felt the resource could also be valuable to individual creators as well, so we decided to make a public version to benefit everyone!” shared Bree Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer.

At Adult Time, we’re committed to supporting performers through our Ambassador program. Our experienced ambassadors, Lauren Phillips, Siri Dahl, Leana Lovings, Lexi Luna, Casey Calvert, Emma Rose, Seth Gamble, Isiah Maxwell and Tommy Pistol offer guidance and insights to uphold the highest production standards. We invite you to watch the Consent Meeting Tutorial Video and Guide below to enhance your understanding and practice of consent in adult entertainment.

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