Coming Soon: The Nanny Incident

Kenna James, April Olsen and Seth Gamble Star in the upcoming Pure Taboo scene “The Nanny Incident”.

Remember that time when a family went viral, because the dad and nanny were filmed trying to recreate a scene from Dirty Dancing?

Well, we’ve written a story loosely based on that incident. In “The Nanny Incident,” we see Kenna James as the gaslit wife, Seth Gamble as the greedy husband and April Olsen as the inappropriate nanny.

The scene is a story about gaslighting, relationship dynamics, and inappropriate nannies. Everyone gave a great performance.

To be expected: Great classic moments of PT storytelling, cinematography, and general dysfunction. 

“The Nanny Incident” will be out February 22nd. 

Enjoy the BTS stills! 


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2 years ago

cant wait to watch this