Christy Love and Ariel Demure Star In Morning Pleasures

Not a morning person? “Morning Pleasures” starring Christy Love and Ariel Demure, just may leave you thinking that maybe mornings aren’t so bad after all.

In this Transfixed episode directed by Stella Smut, Ariel Demure gets up in the morning and sees that her girlfriend Christy Love is still resting. She quietly leaves the room to shower and prepare for the day, then returns to the bedroom where she admires the view of her resting girlfriend… especially her cute butt. She gently rouses her girlfriend and tells her that her butt looks very tempting today, so she wants to try giving her that special surprise she’s been asking for. They have a romantic, passionate sex session that includes first-time rimming and anal.

Morning Pleasures” comes out January 26th.

In the meantime, go ahead and admire these beautiful BTS shots of Christy and Ariel.



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