Adult Time will produce new episodes of F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad!

We have good news for fans of the popular 3D animated series F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad. Following the overwhelmingly positive reaction of the first two episodes, Adult Time will produce new episodes in collaboration with AgentRedGirl! You can expect the release of the new episodes in early 2022.

Get ready for more giant sex robots!

You can watch the first two episodes here if you haven’t done so already.

Or check out AgentRedGirl’s channel here.


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2 years ago

Not good news to this member – more content that I hope to be able to hide soon, having no interest in such. Even Hiding the channel, or Filtering the channel doesn’t solve the root issue:

you have eight uploads per day and this will take one of those up. With how often you use Gamma content as Gamma commercials in essence new content is growing slimmer and slimmer it feels, and then to have this take up those precious few slots is just glaringly aggravating.

How about some news for fans of porn in real life, especially those fans that love male-free content? Been since June and the lesbian survey results. After that, nada (Transfixed was to announce a MAN in the series).

Note that Hentai School and the last two Agent Red Girl updates had zero comments, looks back to the last lesbian posts and tell me what you see? 50 or more comments. If Agent Red Girl and your animated content is sooooo popular why don’t you see such engagement levels for their news?

Anyways, how about some lesbian and/or male-free transwomen content news?