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Adult Time in Color is a monthly blog entry that focuses on the art behind famous episodes, series and movies in our library!

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F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad puts an adult spin on one of the biggest genres in anime – the Mecha & Sentai genre – to deliver an explosive and action-packed narrative, made in collaboration with partner channel AgentRedGirl.

AgentRedGirl uses cutting edge 3D animation to bring futanari characters to life like you’ve never seen them before! Futanari is a genre of erotic art often associated with mangas, animes and hentai. The term itself comes from Japan and means “(to be of) two kinds” and refers to fictional beings that are part women, part men and all fun!

Through its various porn series, AgentRedGirl showcases hermaphrodite characters entangled in gripping tales of romance, sex, and comedy, boldly pushing the futa anime genre to exciting extremes.

The 2-part open-ended series draws on an eclectic array of influences that are reflected in the design and overall appearance of the episodes. From series like the Power Rangers to recent blockbusters that play to Japanese pop tropes like Pacific Rim and Godzilla VS Kong, the whole series has a neo-noir aesthetic with lots of neon colors and shadows à la Blade Runner. F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad also pays homage to Japanese animation classics such as Evangelion, The Guyver and Ghost in the Shell.

Have you watched F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad? Would you like more anime content? Are there any of our productions that you would like us to cover in the future? Or would you like us to do more making-of on specific episodes?

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See you next month for another Adult Time In Color!

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