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Adult Time in Color! is a monthly blog entry that focuses on the art behind famous episodes, series and movies in our library!

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Less than a month has passed since the release of our audacious studio Modern-Day Sins and we are amazed at how great and informative your feedback is.

Jade Venus and Angelina Please co-star in Cum Gluttons: Craving A Taste, a trans focused scenario with colorful tones. The cinematography is based on the use of bright hard key lights balanced by a soft pink backlight and soft blue light. Color theory associates pink with love, kindness and femininity (think Valentine’s Day) and blue with tranquility and gentleness (no wonder the sea is blue!). This balance between the level of brightness of the light and the colors envelops the scene and the models in a kind of fantasy and safe space. It’s all pretty in pink! 

Have you watched all the episodes of Modern-Day Sins? Which is your favorite and why?

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See you next month for another Adult Time In Color!

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