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With the recent release of Casey: A True Story, let’s dive into the camera work and cinematography done by David Lord and Mike Quasar.

One of the main highlights of the film, aside from Casey’s journey to find herself, was the biker culture at the heart of the story. This is best illustrated in this image from one of the film’s most important scenes.

Poker games in the bikers bunker are a staple of this counter-culture collective imagination. It naturally plays a central role in the story. Thus, the sets required a particular treatment of colors to evoke this “manly” universe seen for a long time in the film and that viewers immediately associate with a particular genre, from Easy Riders to Harley Davidson via the Malboro Man. Green, brown and darker tones lit by desert daylight gives us a specific look that makes us jump on a big two-wheeler and ride as far as the eye can see! Dynamic road shots and wide landscapes contribute to the overall feeling of freedom that is ultimately what Casey feels at the end of the film. 

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