A Short History of Pure Taboo

From September 22 to 28, we celebrate Pure Taboo’s 5th anniversary! 

Launched in 2017, Pure Taboo immediately became a household name in the industry and in Adult Time history. It was all said in 2016 with an adult streaming ONLY studio called Pretty Dirty dedicated to highly addictive sexual taboo content under the slogan “If it ain’t tabloid worthy, it ain’t Pretty Dirty!” . This slogan was also supported by the line “Girlsway’s dirty young brother”. It was the release of Indirect Relations in 2017 that prompted us to launch Pure Taboo a few months later in September.

Half His Age by Bree Mills (read XBIZ’s preview here) was the first official release of Pure Taboo. The 3 part feature has won numerous awards. Among them, XBIZ 2018 Feature Movie of the Year and AVN 2018 Movie of the Year.

Aside from Half His Age Part 1, these 12 scenes were available in the members area at release:

In 2018 Angela White starred in The Weight of Infidelity, our 1st modeling collaboration for the brand (it was also written by White). It was the first mainstream adult scene ever produced that tackles body shame issues in a feminist, female-empowered way.

Future Darkly was an ambitious 12-part anthology series created and released in 2018. It was an industry hit and quickly became a fan favorite, with Artifamily winning a 2019 XBIZ award for the Taboo release of the year. The Aura Doll took XBIZ and AVN for Best Actor and Ghost Rocket won the 2020 AVN Award for Most Outrageous Sex Scene. 

The anthology is followed in 2021 by the 4-part film Future Darkly: Pandemic, entirely directed remotely by Bree Mills. A first in the industry. Another anthology series titled Under the Bed, this time a 4 episode horror series modeled after Tales From the Crypt, came out on Halloween 2019.

Since 2019, our members have also enjoyed the hit series Lesbian Revenge which puts a new spin on girl-on-girl content.

Pure Taboo has come a long way since its founding. We are indebted to our members who believed in us and keep on being open to new ideas.


Get ready for our next blog post: “Award winning productions of Pure Taboo”

What is your favorite episode of Pure Taboo?

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Terry the mounter
Terry the mounter
1 year ago

One of my absolute favorite videos was Restless with Tommy Pistol and Savannah Sixx. I liked this video so well that I feel it should have had a sequel involving Savannah’s return for a follow up to the original scene. But since the creation of the Pure Taboo series there have been many extremely hot scenario’s released

1 year ago

My favorite episode of Pure Taboo is Bad Uncle

1 year ago

You have created so many amazing videos.
New quality in the industry.
Creative scenario, good actors makes the difference.