Black history month


Adult Time in Color – Sweet Sweet Sally Mae

Adult Time in Color! is a monthly blog entry that focuses on the art behind famous episodes, series and movies in our library! Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes ________ She’s Bad..She’s Mean…She’s A Lovin’ Machine! In November 2020, we released our first collaboration with award-winning director Ricky Greenwood: Sweet Sweet Sally Mae. Sally Mae (Ana […]

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Black Pornography 101: Essential Viewing

Written by Jennifer C. Nash Jennifer C. Nash is Jean Fox O’Barr Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies at Duke University. She is the author of three books, most recently Birthing Black Mothers (Duke University Press, 2021).  __________________________ Black history month is often a celebration of civil rights heroes whose courageous labor changed the […]

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