Top 10 Scenes – September 2020

Here are the top 10 scenes released in September 2020 on Adult Time. We put together a top 10 list for non-lesbian content and a separate top 10 list for lesbian content. Make sure to check back again next month so you can stay up to date on what’s hot and trending on Adult Time!

These are the metrics we used to determine which scenes to include in this list:

Average playtime – The higher the number, the more time was spent watching the scene

Positive rating %  How many people gave the scene a like vs. how many gave it a dislike

Comments  Number of comments the scene has

Views – Number of unique views

Downloads – Number of unique downloads

This data has been compared against site averages to reach certain conclusions about how the scene performed, which are categorized as very strong, strong, average or weak.

So, let’s get started…

Non-lesbian top 10:

#1 – Pure Taboo – His Father’s Legacy

Subscribers: Watch It Here 

Featuring: Lisey Sweet, Codey Steele

Release Date: September 29, 2020

Average Playtime: 8.74  – Very strong

Positive Rating: 84.85%  – Average

Comments: 17 – Strong

Views: 2,958 – Strong

Downloads: 2,508 – Strong

Forget about vanilla mainstream kink with Codey Steele portraying a son corrupted by his father’s BDSM secrets… and who now wants to practice on his mom, gorgeous Lisey Sweet! A great thriller, hot sex, and a locker full of lustfull promises make for an amazing scene!


#2 – Pure Taboo – Tourist Trapped

Subscribers: Watch It Here 

Featuring: Athena Faris, Steve Holmes

Release Date: September 15, 2020

Average Playtime: 8.11 – Very strong

Positive Rating: 91.93% – Strong

Comments: 17 – Strong

Views: 5,697 – Very strong

Downloads: 3,008 – Very strong

Sexy Athena Faris stars as a foreigner who reluctantly learns that “bed and breakfast” sometimes must be taken literally. Capitulation is the name of the game when Steve Holmes shows her the main “local attraction”. Hell yeah, he did have such sights to show her!


#3 – Taboo Heat – Private Vacation With My Busty Step-Mom

Subscribers: Watch It Here 

Featuring: Cory Chase, Coco Vandi

Release Date: September 5, 2020

Average Playtime: 7.29 – Very strong

Positive Rating: 93.36% – Very strong

Comments: 7 – Average

Views: 6,353 – Very strong

Downloads: 3,259 – Very strong

POV family fun in this Taboo Heat episode that has a bit of everything for everyone. Fan favorite Coco Vandi and #1 MILF next door Cory Chase are up to no good… again! 


#4 – Taboo Heat – Family Summer

Subscribers: Watch It Here 

Featuring: Cory Chase, Clover Baltimore, Luke Longly, Johnny The Kid

Release Date: September 26, 2020

Average Playtime: 7.17 – Very strong

Positive Rating: 89.55% – Strong

Comments: 5 – Average

Views: 3,728 – Very strong

Downloads: 2,611 – Strong

Family foursome. Do we need to say more?


#5 – Spank Monster – I Fucked my Step-Daughter Kenzie Reeves

Subscribers: Watch It Here 

Featuring: Kenzie Reeves

Release Date: September 12, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.55 – Very strong

Positive Rating: 95.24% – Very strong

Comments: 1 – Average

Views: 1,921 – Average

Downloads: 2,110 – Strong

Tiny pint sized and deepthroat expert Kenzie Reeves stars in this new Spank Monster’s scene. Who could blame her step dad for wanting to spend quality time? 


#6 – Taboo Heat – On Vacation with My Step-Mom

Subscribers: Watch It Here 

Featuring: Coco Vandi

Release Date: September 19, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.38 – Strong

Positive Rating: 96.58% – Very strong

Comments: 6 – Average

Views: 3,583 – Very strong

Downloads: 2,478 – Strong

Taboo Heat channel pulls off a hat trick this month with a 3rd episode in our Top 10. Coco Vandi delivers the goods as our favorite next-door step mom. Time to pack and hit… the road, that is!


#7 – Pure Taboo – Outnumbered

Subscribers: Watch It Here 

Featuring: Dante Colle, Juan Loco, Dee Williams, Robby Echo, Nathan Bronson

Release Date: September 10, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.22 – Strong

Positive Rating: 82.91% – Average

Comments: 25 – Very strong

Views: 7,241 – Very strong

Downloads: 2,902 – Very strong

Hot for teacher! Tables turned on the teacher when four unruly students pressure scared her into a rough gangbang. Dee Williams may be the teacher, but she’s the one who needed to learn a few things…


#8 – Is This Real?! – Fucked Up Therapy Sessions

Subscribers: Watch It Here 

Featuring: Lucas Frost, Alex Coal, Derrick Pierce

Release Date: September 23, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.08 – Strong

Positive Rating: 91.25% – Strong

Comments: 4 – Average

Views: 1,940 – Average

Downloads: 1,656 – Average

Doctors’ orders: watch gorgeous Alex Coal volunteer on a study under Lucas Frost and Derrick Pierce’s guidance. She quickly learns that there is no magic treatment for managing stress and bad habits!


#9 – Nuru Massage – Daddy’s Rival Daughters

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Aliya Brynn, Derrick Pierce, Lily Larimar

Release Date: September 18, 2020

Average Playtime: 5.95 – Strong

Positive Rating: 91.74% – Strong

Comments: 6 – Average

Views: 2,970 – Strong

Downloads: 2,374 – Strong

What’s better than one step-daughter? Two! Lucky Derrick Pierce owns a massage parlor and is having a hard time choosing which daughter will get the only summer job position available. But how can anyone choose between AVN Nominated 2020 Hottest Newcomer Aliya Brynn and hottie Lily Larimar?


#10 – Rocco Siffredi – Castings – Martina, Kiki Minaj

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Rocco Siffredi, Kiki Minaj, Martina Smeraldi

Release Date: September 12, 2020

Average Playtime: 5.85 – Strong

Positive Rating: 85.14% – Average

Comments: 7 – Average

Views: 1,914 – Average

Downloads: 1,696 – Average

Is a Top 10 complete without Rocco? Kiki Minaj and Martina Smeraldi are up to the Italian Stallion in this new steamy casting.

Now let’s move on to the lesbian Top 10:


#1 – All Girl Massage – Runaway Bride

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Casey Calvert, Whitney Wright

Release Date: September 7, 2020

Average Playtime: 7.20 – Very strong

Positive Rating: 95.7% – Very strong

Comments: 21 – Very strong

Views: 4,424 – Very strong

Downloads: 2,316 – Strong

“I, Casey Calvert, take you, Whitney Wright, to be my masseuse, according to All Girl Massage’s law!” This month top lesbian scene is a walk down the aisle to remember! 


#2 – Girlsway – Suspicious Sister-In-Law

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Alison Rey, Rebecca Vanguard

Release Date: September 27, 2020

Average Playtime: 7.09 – Very strong

Positive Rating: 93.06% – Very strong

Comments: 14 – Strong

Views: 2,604 – Strong

Downloads: 2,052 – Strong

Passionate tribbing and pussy eating bring every family closer together! The sexual tension and chemistry between Alison Rey and Rebecca Vanguard must be seen to be believed. Girlsway’s action at its best. 


#3 – Girlsway – I’m Such A Klutz!

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Alison Rey, Evelyn Claire

Release Date: September 17, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.78 – Very strong

Positive Rating: 96.09% – Very strong

Comments: 22 – Very strong

Views: 3,152 – Strong

Downloads: 2,190 – Strong

Another top scene with Alison Rey as a newly hired barista who’s not doing so great… under the amused eye of Evelyn Claire. A funny take on the “client is queen and everything must be done to satisfy her”.


#4 – Girlsway – Tempted By The Babysitter

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Aaliyah Love, Silvia Saige, Emma Hix

Release Date: September 3, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.45 – Strong

Positive Rating: 93.64% – Very strong

Comments: 15 – Strong

Views: 6,117 – Very strong

Downloads: 2,972 – Very strong

A fun scene with a welcoming couple, Aaliyah Love and Silvia Saige, and their new babysitter, Emma Hix. Seduction, temptation, fun for the whole family. Yeah, babysitting can be a paid job for all ages, but not all babysitters are as committed as this one! Extra tips deserved. And a spot in our top 10 scenes of September.  


#5 – All Girl Massage – Swim Team Seduction

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Laney Grey, Jessie Saint

Release Date: September 21, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.37 – Strong

Positive Rating: 93.13% – Very strong

Comments: 14 – Strong

Views: 3,527 – Very strong

Downloads: 2,111 – Strong

Everything you love about girls and massage, this scene starring Laney Grey Jessie Saint is beautifully shot and lit. The swimsuits are a nice throwback to an easier time when a certain summer edition magazine was all we dreamt of. 


#6 – Web Young – Bathroom Battle Royale

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Aliya Brynn, Lily Larimar

Release Date: September 11, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.19 – Strong

Positive Rating: 91.57% – Strong

Comments: 14 – Strong

Views: 3,116 – Strong

Downloads: 2,215 – Strong

Girlsway members love a good brawl! Forget about Rocky Balboa VS Ivan Drago: Aliya Brynn and Lily Larimar sure know how to start and end a fight! 


#7 – Mommy’s Girl – Making Mom Sweat

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Vanna Bardot, Ryan Keely

Release Date: September 19, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.16 – Strong

Positive Rating: 88.65% – Average

Comments: 10 – Average

Views: 4,435 – Very strong

Downloads: 2,380 – Strong

Heard about hot yoga? Well, since everyone must work out at home, yoga can be a delightful task and pleasant chore. Vanna Bardot and Ryan Keely spend some stepmom stepdaughter quality time in this hot scene from our Mommy’s Girl channel.


#8 – Girlfriends Films – Women Seeking Women #160 – Scene 1

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Daisy Stone, Lexi Luna

Release Date: September 23, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.02 – Strong

Positive Rating: 94.69% – Very strong

Comments: 5 – Average

Views: 2,432 – Average

Downloads: 1,811 – Strong

Two beautiful girls, a plot that builds tension, great acting, and intense sex. That’s a recipe everyone enjoys, especially when Daisy Stone and Lexi Luna are cooking it!


#9 – Mommy’s Girl – Mom, Have You Met My Teacher?

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Christy Love, Aila Donovan, Lana Sharapova

Release Date: September 12, 2020

Average Playtime: 5.97 – Strong

Positive Rating: 85.12% – Average

Comments: 24 – Very strong

Views: 5,688 – Very strong

Downloads: 3,031 – Very strong

Parent-teacher meeting… what a bore! Up until Lana Sharapova decides to hook up her single stepmom Christy Love with her lesbian teacher Aila Donovan for some private tutoring. Grade: A+


#10 – Mommy’s Girl – Mom’s Mystery Job

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Aaliyah Love, Emma Hix

Release Date: September 26, 2020

Average Playtime: 5.81 – Strong

Positive Rating: 92.52% – Strong

Comments: 7 – Average

Views: 3,008 – Strong

Downloads: 2,303 – Strong

Emma Hix is still on top as a sneaky and curious step-daughter who discovers that her mom Aaliyah Love is an escort! It is definitely a plot twist made to please our members. No wonder it is our last top scene of September.  


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