Top 10 Scenes – January 2021

Here are the top 10 scenes released in January 2021 on Adult Time. We put together a top 10 list for non-lesbian content and a separate top 10 list for lesbian content. Make sure to check back again next month so you can stay up to date on what’s hot and trending on Adult Time!

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These are the metrics we used to determine which scenes to include in this list:

Average playtime – The higher the number, the more time was spent watching the scene

Positive rating %  How many people gave the scene a like vs. how many gave it a dislike

Comments  Number of comments the scene has

Views – Number of unique views

Downloads – Number of unique downloads

This data has been compared against site averages to reach certain conclusions about how the scene performed.

So, let’s get started…

Non-lesbian top 10:

#1 – Taboo Heat – Step Family Vacation with Bailey Base

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Cory Chase, Luke Longly, Bailey Base

Release Date: January 23, 2021

Average Playtime: 6.46

Positive Rating: 94.15% 

Comments: 5

Views: 3,601

Downloads: 3,227

Step 1: bring a camcorder. Step 2: there’s so much a step family can do. Step 3: it’s POV. Step 4: we can give you more. Step 5: don’t you know when the climax has come? This month’s top scene is all that and more as hottie Bailey Base does her best to enjoy every part of her step family road trip!


#2 – Pure Taboo – Ungrateful

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Maya Woulfe, Stirling Cooper

Release Date: January 26, 2021

Average Playtime: 6.42

Positive Rating: 86.81%

Comments: 12

Views: 4,129

Downloads: 2,789

Have you ever had problems with your contractor? Poor Maya Woulfe learns the hard way that a favor is never disinterested. Guess our members already knew that as the scene is this month’s second favorite!


#3 – Anatomik Media – Corruption Strain 3

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Riley Reyes, Missy Martinez, Tommy Pistol, Britney Amber

Release Date: January 1, 2021

Average Playtime: 6.34

Positive Rating: 84.85% 

Comments: 7

Views: 2,309

Downloads: 1,905

One member’s comment sums it all up: “Empty more of your beautiful perversions upon us Lord Anatomik!!! Hear our prayer. ” Prayers heard. So we will.


#4 – Nuru Massage – Practicing On Her Parents

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Sheena Ryder, Aften Opal, Brad Newman

Release Date: January 22, 2021

Average Playtime: 5.79

Positive Rating: 86.61% 

Comments: 16

Views: 3,263

Downloads: 2,323

When it comes time to release the tension, two pairs of hands are always more effective than one. Lucky Brad Newman discovered it the gentle way with Sheena Ryder and Aften Opal.


#5 – My Pervy Family – Stressed Out Step-Dad

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Sloan Harper

Release Date: January 14, 2021

Average Playtime: 5.78

Positive Rating: 92.78% 

Comments: 4

Views: 2,153

Downloads: 2,097

It seems POV content was popular in January. Which is quite understandable. Who wouldn’t want a private date with sexy Sloan Harper?


#6 – Taboo Heat – Step-Mom Craves Young Cock

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Cory Chase, Luke Longly, Johnny The Kid

Release Date: January 16, 2021

Average Playtime: 5.77

Positive Rating: 91.24%

Comments: 5

Views: 2,828

Downloads: 2,838

Does she? Fan favorite Cory Chase surely knows it… and knows how to show it!


#7 – Pure Taboo – Easy Pickings

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Gwen Vicious, Stirling Cooper, Seth Gamble

Release Date: January 5, 2021

Average Playtime: 5.72

Positive Rating: 81.56%

Comments: 13

Views: 4,439

Downloads: 2,806

Gwen Vicious gives an excellent performance as reluctant student Tara who must face the twisted minds of Principal Cooper and Professor Gamble. This is not zooming or distance learning!


#8 – Rocco Siffredi – Rocco’s Double Trouble #05 – Scene 2

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Yves Morgan, Mike Chapman, Oscar Batty, Martina Smeraldi, Sara Bell

Release Date: January 30, 2021

Average Playtime: 5.77

Positive Rating: 82.93% 

Comments: 11

Views: 1,515

Downloads: 2,260

Rocco’s Double Trouble offers double the pleasure. Martina Smeraldi and Sara Bell give their change to the trio of bulls Morgan, Chapman and Batty. Are you ready to rumble?


#9 – Taboo Heat – Day Alone with My Busty and Horny Step-Mom

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Cory Chase, Kitten Latenight, Luke Longly

Release Date: January 30, 2021

Average Playtime: 5.67

Positive Rating: 90.98% 

Comments: 10

Views: 1,702

Downloads: 2,301

An energetic and enthusiastic scene led by the gorgeous Kitten Latenight and Cory Chase (her 3rd scene in the top 10, woah!). A must-see!


#10 – Pure Taboo – Uneasy A

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: John Strong, Aliya Brynn

Release Date: January 19, 2021

Average Playtime: 5.30

Positive Rating: 82.49% 

Comments: 18

Views: 5,599

Downloads: 3,345

Perhaps the end of the school term in December had an influence on the preferences of our members, but this second top episode featuring a teacher reminds us that it is important to value academic success. 😉 Spinner Aliya Brynn is certainly a good student who puts her heart into her work!


Now let’s move on to the lesbian top 10:


#1 – Girlsway – Do No Harm

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Elena Koshka, Charlotte Stokely

Release Date: January 3, 2021

Average Playtime: 8.48

Positive Rating: 98%

Comments: 52

Views: 5,415

Downloads: 3,456

Doctor’s orders say there is only one thing that can satisfy our members: a hot, steamy and alluring scene between smooth-skinned Elena Koshka and Charlotte Stokely


#2 – Lesbian Revenge – Left Behind

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Paige Owens, Mia Moore

Release Date: January 14, 2021

Average Playtime: 7.66

Positive Rating: 84.24%

Comments: 23

Views: 2,790

Downloads: 2,390

Paige Owens is nervous and hesitant about Mia’s insistent courtship, but after a passionate kiss, she doesn’t need to be convinced anymore. Us too!


#3 – Girlsway – Spying On The New Neighbors

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Kylie Le Beau, Jillian Janson, Karlee Grey

Release Date: January 28, 2021

Average Playtime: 7.15

Positive Rating: 94.35%

Comments: 34

Views: 3,686

Downloads: 2,915

Watching others can lead to… well… unexpected encounters. Especially when the neighbors are the ones who know how to share!


#4 – Girlfriends Films – Netskirts #19 – Scene 1

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Zoey Taylor, Eliza Ibarra

Release Date: January 27, 2021

Average Playtime: 7.43

Positive Rating: 96.27%

Comments: 9

Views: 1,849

Downloads: 1,881

Zoey Taylor and Eliza Ibarra are beautifully lighted and shot in a scene that takes its time and leaves plenty of room for sultry foreplay.


#5 – Girlfriends Films – Lesbian Seductions #66 – Scene 4

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Scarlett Sage, Sarah Vandella

Release Date: January 20, 2021

Average Playtime: 7.13

Positive Rating: 96.72%

Comments: 7

Views: 2,003

Downloads: 1,763

Blonde on blonde action. Or the title of a Dylan album. Pick your favorite. 😉


#6 – All Girl Massage – Tantric Training

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Aila Donovan, Maya Woulfe, Jane Wilde

Release Date: January 18, 2021

Average Playtime: 6.82

Positive Rating: 91.25%

Comments: 12

Views: 2,826

Downloads: 2,243

It’s time to get the energy flowing and rebalance the chakras with the help of naughty Aila, Maya and Jane. Where can we book the next appointment?


#7 – Web Young – Measured To Fit

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Maya Woulfe, Jane Wilde

Release Date: January 8, 2021

Average Playtime: 6.69

Positive Rating: 94%

Comments: 21

Views: 3,956

Downloads: 2,929

Maya is clearly killing it this month! Let’s be honest for a second. Who cares about the size of clothes when two beauties can just take them off?


#8 – All Girl Massage – Not As Straight As You Think You Are

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Indica Monroe, Sera Ryder

Release Date: January 4, 2021

Average Playtime: 6.52

Positive Rating: 87.95%

Comments: 15

Views: 3,300

Downloads: 2,144

It doesn’t take more than an evening of “movies and chill” to discover the truth. I bet Indica and Sera were eager to share this moment together. It shows. And I bet our members agreed too!


#9 – Girlsway – Study Dummies

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Whitney Wright, Eliza Ibarra

Release Date: January 17, 2021

Average Playtime: 6.34

Positive Rating: 92.19%

Comments: 22

Views: 3,564

Downloads: 2,717

Have you ever participated in a study? If so, you know it doesn’t come close to the one that Eliza Ibarra and Whitney Wright signed up for… even with the compensation!


#10 – Mommy’s Girl – Servicing Mom In Public

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Ryan Keely, Freya Parker

Release Date: January 30, 2021

Average Playtime: 6.31

Positive Rating: 85.64%

Comments: 26

Views: 2,368

Downloads: 2,386

Our January best-of ends with a classic Mommy’s Girl setup and lineup. Ryan Keely is more than happy to show Freya Parker the ins and outs of the job.

Have you watched some of these scenes? Which is your favorite?
Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Instagram!

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1 year ago

These are all Gamma scenes no partners included guess they only rate themselves.

1 year ago

Some people hate this kind of thing, but I really just skimmed this blog post, but the description of Lesbian scene #4-Girlfriend Films’ Netskirts #19- Scene 1 lets us know that the actresses are “well lit.” No, they were “well lighted.” Please have someone around who knows how to write in English. I’ve been unemployed due to covid, so if you need an editor….

Eric Adult Time
Eric Adult Time
Reply to  SuperHank
1 year ago

Thanks for telling us! We’ve updated the blog post.

1 year ago

These are all misses, for me, across the board – the majority does not respect their various genres, being poor examples of them.

Top Ten Non-Lesbian:

1. “Poor family roleplay, as I expected, it is 99.9% missing from this scene, literally”

That was from my review on the page. That’s my only criticism, realistically. Otherwise it’s a Hall of Fame scene, if you evaluate it from the that standpoint. But from the standpoint of it intending to be a family roleplay film it missed the mark entirely.

2. “Another poor Pure Taboo, weak, non-charged, lacking intensity. Soon enough it wound up being just another standard B/G scene (and a vanilla one at that.)”

From my review of that episode. Again, for just sex, sure, I get it, it’s a good sex scene. But from the standpoint of it being “taboo”, again, it fully missed the mark. That’s the pattern with ALL of these scenes: yes, they are your most successful, but they aren’t your most successful as being superlative examples of their niche; folks appreciate them for their sex instead. Imagine if you could both hit it out of the park like you do already with the sex but also hit it out of the park with these all being superlative examples of the genres and niches (Pure Taboo, Taboo Heat, etc.)

3. “AT – you should explore more blasphemous and sacrilegious themes in your Pure Taboo series.”

My only comment from that video, I actually did not watch it. I probably should. That being said, that comment has a 12/0 Up:Down vote ratio.

4. “What is it that fans of Family Roleplay really want? What are we really tuning in to hear?

1. The females doing nearly all of the family roleplay.
2. The three required mentions of step-relatedness are taken care of quickly and there are no further mentions of “step” anything.
3. The female does not stop the family roleplay when sex begins, she keeps it right up, frequently, all the way through sex.”

7:2 Up:Down vote ratio. From my review. As the scene lacked that, full stop. That was the problem, it was the reverse of that.

5. “Six family roleplay lines, her mentions of Daddy, four of them being during sex, and one before and one after sex. It’s a rate of 1/3.8 minutes, roughly every four minutes she mentions daddy. A welcome change from recent efforts! For many of these sorts of videos, in comparison, that might seem like quite a bit, but in reality it’s very sparse. In family roleplay videos this should be about one mentions once per minute, in dirty talk, all the way through sex. The through sex part is key, too, as all to often it slows, or stops, and is replaced with stuff like “baby” instead of the family roleplay talk that we actually want to hear. The one mention before and one after was way too mechanical, at that, as if to be sure to include it, to cover their bases only, seems like perfunctory mentions. Long story short – a welcome change, but way way way too few bits of family roleplay yet.”

Better, but still missing the mark. Again, it has hot sex, and I suspect that’s the reason for it’s success, as for it being family roleplay, it misses meeting the base line of where it should be.

6. “Corey’s lines are great. Fantastic. Hot as fuck. She just is doing way, way, way too few of them. The dude? He won’t shut the hell up. Last thing I’m tuning in to hear is a man’s monologue when I’m trying to get aroused and work out a load of cum. Especially, most especially in Family Roleplay scenes. Then it’s imperative for the dude to keep quiet and for the female to let rip with the family roleplay, in this case Mommy Talk.”

From my review – again, missing the mark for family roleplay, as good as Corey’s lines were – the man would never be quiet. That’s so distracting and such a turn off while I’m trying to get turned on and listen to the woman give that hot, taboo Mommy Talk.

7. Continuing the trend of Pure Taboo being Pure Men, the Male Monologues and the Male Facial Revue, all the focus on the men, I illustrate this perfectly being the case, in my review, as it’s a giant disconnect and a giant turn of for me, a hetero male. That’s the problem with almost all B/G nowadays – as one long time reviewer put it “[t]o be completely honest … it [is] homoerotic, with the actresses added in to give it an air of heterosexual legitimacy for its audience…” That’s one of those hard truths to swallow and it’s alarming for many to even contemplate.

“I can point to the peak example of this, and I can point to it perfectly It’s in the photo set for this, and it’s photograph number number 15 in the picture set.

In this framing of the scene, we have Gwen on the desk, upside down in piledriver position, her body cut off about mid thigh, the backs of them, near her hamstrings, her ass up in the air. Stirling is standing to her left, with his dick in her mouth but we don’t see that, as I said, all we see of her is about 1/3rd of her lower body here, if I’m being generous. A ¾ side shot of her ass basically. Nothing else of her is visible. But what is visible?

The males. The naked male bodies, the continued framing of that as being the thing we’re supposed to be being enjoyed (by evidence of the framing, their being full nude, her being nearly fully clothed, a repeated manner of framing and positioning)

We see Seth standing above her cut off body, his dick in her ass, slightly in a squatting position, leaning, looming over the small slice of her visible body, his arms and deltoids and traps bulging with muscle, his thighs swelling as he bounces up and down. Remember, off to the left is Stirling getting his dick sucked, but we can’t see any of it, just him from his waist up, looking down at what he’s seeing, him, also fully nude. Two male faces, two nude male bodies, framed to minimize the female in the shot – for me that was a direct turn-off, and was endemic of the way this scene was shot. When I’m working out an orgasm and this is the sights I’m being given? Might as well walk in the front door and kick a person in the balls.”

Be sure to check that timestamp and that photo – tell me you don’t see the same thing.

8. “Yeah, it’s looking like this entire film from Rocco is going to be a miss for me. As I say on Evil Angel so often: Less from the males. More from the females.”

From my comments on the film – too many cocks, not enough pussies. The continual problem with Boy/Girl: cock, cock and more cock with Male Monologues, Male Facial Revues, all day, every day, non-stop. Can we get some B/G that focuses on the women one the regular again, someday, please?

9. “As I called in my trailer comments below – zero family roleplay over nearly it’s entirety, and none through the first three scenes of the film. – 14:35 First scene over, zero family roleplay. – 27:33 Second scene over, zero family roleplay. – 42:51 Third scene over, zero family roleplay.”

Again, that’s the disconnect – it’s popular! But not because of it’s aim, it’s genre, it’s niche – family roleplay. It almost fully lacked it, in it’s entirety. If they would only offer the women doing the family roleplay on the regular I would be gaga.

10. “For me it’s when a male is being rimmed and he’s barefoot, barefeet visible as he holds his legs up in the air. Giant turn-off. (Not the rimming, but that framing of his nude male body with bare male feet in full view – that’s how I want to see women, frankly, and not men posed up as.) That, coupled with her long socks and tennis shoe staying on earns this on a Thumbs Down.”

Continuing the theme of Pure Taboo being too focused on the male’s body – the framing, the bare male feet compared to the covered female feet, etc. It’s clear as day what Pure Taboo is all about and it’s not framing it for fans of the female form. And as such it routinely is a giant disappointment.