New Series – The Spanish Stallion: Field of Sluts

A new 8 part series from Rocco Siffredi is coming out Saturday, June 26th! 

Let’s read about that project from the King himself:

“This project is one of the biggest, most ambitious ones in the last 10 years — not only the production, but the whole concept. It started as a regular production, but then, by writing the first two movies, I understood I could go on and make it a series. In fact, this project contains eight episodes altogether, and all of them were shot in three months’ time. Between each shooting period, I was writing the next two or three episodes for a few weeks. I had so much fun, and it has been a very interesting and new way of making movies for me.

I decided to make this movie with boxing and sports because when I met Maximo Garcia, I immediately thought to myself, is the perfect guy to do a boxing movie and surround him with the perfect cast! Unfortunately, Covid messed up my plans. Originally, Cherry Kiss was supposed to play the main character with him, but in the end, it turned out just perfect because Cherry appeared in the third episode. So finally, I just had a huge variety of girls, and I mean, the best girls I could have all together in one project.

In the first two episodes, the main leads are Sybil, Kitana Lure and Kaisa Nord. These three girls together did a fantastic job. Of course, the other girls did incredible work as well, like Veronica Leal, Venera Maxima, the Dellai twins and Lana Roy. The main actor who really made the difference, together with Maximo, was Kai Taylor, a huge and talented actor. Really, I don’t think I could describe boxing without him. He has been a real boxer for 15 years so he really helped me to make the difference in the content with boxing. One of the best sex scenes of the whole movie was actually a scene with Sybil and him. I personally very much love the scene with Sybil and Erik Everhard and the scene with Maximo, Kitana, Venera and Kaisa. This first title is just the beginning of a long series, with lots of incredible and sexy girls giving huge value to the whole project.”

Are you excited about this new series? 

Let us know in the comments section below!

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1 year ago

There are still solo and lesbian vintage and celebrity videos that are properly tagged.

Last edited 1 year ago by Indicboi45
1 year ago

I’m interested.
Rocco’s a genius with concepts and ideas.

1 year ago

Looking forward to it!